Main products
    1. Refractory Silicon Nitride Powder
    2. Refractory Silicon Nitride PowderFurthermore, the refractory silicon nitride powder can be used for the preparation of high-class shaped refractory materials, such as the crucible, muffle furnace, burner, the clamp of heating element, the casting mould, the molten aluminum conduit, thermocouple protection tube, the aluminum electrolytic cell lining
    1. Silicon Nitride Powder for Ceramic Component
    2. Silicon Nitride Powder for Ceramic ComponentThis silicon nitride powder is basically used to manufacture the engineering ceramic components. For instance, it is applicable for the industrial cutting tools, bearing, sleeve, roller, and the supporting parts with heat-treated metal parts. Also, it can be found in the blade of rotary engine, as well as the guide blade and turbine blade of gas turbine.
    1. Silicon Nitride Powder for Industrial Coating
    2. Silicon Nitride Powder for Industrial CoatingOur product has been detected and approved by the Ceramic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of National Building Material Industry, as well as the Inorganic Material Analysis and Test Center of Shanghai Silicate Research Institute of the China Academy of Sciences. Considering technology and quality, it can entirely replace the imported product.
    1. Blast Furnace Brick
    2. Blast Furnace BrickThis silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide blast furnace brick possesses superior mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties. It is capable of resisting creep and chemical attack. Other remarkable features include nice thermal conductivity, strong abrasion resistance, and great strength at high temperature.
    1. Aluminum Electrolytic Cell Brick
    2. Aluminum Electrolytic Cell BrickIn particular, our aluminum electrolytic cell brick features high strength, strong wear resistance, and no electrical conductivity. Thus, it can form eutectic mixture of alumina and cryolite on its surface. The mixture serves as a layer of protective film to protect the working layer of cell lining, and also prolong the service life of electrolytic cell.
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  • Our products are accompanied with the certificate of inspection as well as the relevant test report, for making sure that our users can know some information about our product.
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  • VCS and GHG
  • When in production, our vacuum nitriding furnace basically adopts electric energy for heating, which can avoid the carbon dioxide discharged by such chemical energy sources as coal, natural gas, and some others.
  • Sales Case
  • At present, we mainly sell the silicon nitride products to the following companies
    1. Rio Tinto
    2. Indonesia Aluminum
    3. Iran, New Zealand Aluminum, as well as China Jiangxi Copper...